Let’s face it, there’s a lot of coffee that goes in to marketing a visible brand. We have designed an affordable, tiered approach to video production to meet even the tightest of budgets.

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Single Shot gives you one hour of on-site videographer support, filming your idea under your guidance. We become your in-house technical capability without you being tempted to ‘film it yourself’. Your idea, our gear.

Up to 30 seconds in duration.

$495 + G.S.T

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Double Shot builds more value into the planning stage of the video, including story development and guidance throughout the process. This package also comes with additional technical capability and output duration. If you need to tell a story that has a longer life span while engaging and holding your audience this package is most likely for you.

Up to 90 seconds in duration.

$2,450 + G.S.T

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If you want to pump up the production values through additional hardware, creative development, crew, still photography, onscreen talent and direction or if you need your product to go to TV or somewhere other than online, we have solutions for this too.



Let’s talk about how we can be part of your annual marketing strategy with short sharp content that can help you stay top of mind for your target demographic.

We offer discounts on contracted packages of 6, 12 or 24 single shot videos, structured as you need them to support your digital diary.


Our pricing is based on standard, video production, industry rates so that we are able to deliver on the promise every time without compromising the output.

Our business model and support from industry partners ensure we deliver on budget without any surprises. That’s why we put our prices on the front page, because transparency is key to getting it right.